Real alternatives: Cooking and baking without eggs also works

Fipronil scandal: Cooking and baking is also possible without eggs
The Fipronil scandal has caused many people to pass their appetite for eggs thoroughly. But what about dishes that "normally" contain egg? No problem: nobody has to do without cakes, cookies and Co. There are simple alternatives that you can use to cook and bake.

Appetite for eggs has passed
It was first announced that millions of eggs were contaminated with insecticides, and then an egg recall for Salmonella was started. Many people will have passed their appetite for eggs thoroughly. But how do you handle dishes that are supposed to contain eggs according to the ingredients list? Vegetarians and especially vegans should know this best. After all, they cook and bake without eggs, regardless of the current Fipronil scandal.

When vegans come to eat
Vegan nutrition is the trend. With more and more people in Germany, animal ingredients are taboo on the menu.

Those who do not feed themselves exclusively without animal products sometimes find it difficult to prepare delicious dishes when vegans come by to eat.

It is clear that no meat or fish ends up on the table. But what about dishes that “normally” contain eggs, such as sweets? The experts from the Vegetarian Association Germany (Vebu) know no problem: Vegan baking is also possible without an egg.

Baking without an egg
If you want to bake without an egg, you can alternatively stir several other foods into the dough.

Bananas, for example, are ideal for baking cakes. One fruit replaces two eggs. Crush the banana and stir into the batter.

The ripe the fruit, the more sweet and intense the aroma. So if you don't like the distinctive taste of your own, you should rather use less intense tasting fruit.

Another alternative is apple sauce: 80 grams of it replace an egg. It is very suitable for muffins and moist dough. The apple taste is largely lost when baking.

Different alternatives
Starch and soy flour can also serve as an egg substitute. It comes mixed with water in cakes or pastries. A tablespoon of flour replaces an egg. However, soy flour tastes particularly good.

According to Vebu, flax seeds go particularly well with whole grain pastries. Simply mix two tablespoons of ground flaxseed with three tablespoons of water, this will replace an egg.

Furthermore, about 60 grams of silk tofu, creamy or pureed, replace an egg. The tofu is suitable for both savory and sweet dishes, but has a slight taste of its own.

Natural thickening and binding agent
The natural thickening and binding agent is obtained from the seeds of the carob tree. Since locust bean gum thickens and binds even when it is not heated, it can be used very well for cold dishes.

It is also suitable for thickening desserts such as creams, puddings and ice cream, as well as sauces and soups.

And tomato paste is a natural binder for vegetable burgers. About a tablespoon replaces an egg.

Egg substitute powder, which mainly consists of corn starch and lupine flour, is also commercially available. As a rule, the packaging indicates how it should be used. (ad)

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