Stroke after kiss: 17-year-old patient dies from fatal consequences of a hickey

Hickey leads to a blood clot in the brain
Young people smooch. Sometimes they smooch so much that a “hickey” remains. The stain is also used by teenagers to mark each other. But bruising like this can have fatal consequences. In rare cases, kissed people can die from the effects of a blood clot.

A 17-year-old teenage boy from Mexico City has now died of a hickey. According to media reports, this hickey has caused a blood clot, which in turn led to a fatal stroke.

Hickey is the trigger for a fatal stroke
Julio Macias Gonzalez received a very special gift from his girlfriend. As proof of her love, she gave her boyfriend a so-called hickey in the early evening. Unfortunately, this hickey caused a blood clot. This migrated to the brain and probably caused a fatal stroke, say the doctors.

What is a hickey and how does it develop?
A hickey is created by sucking on the partner's skin. As a result of this process, the blood vessels burst and a so-called hickey develops, the experts explain. This type of bruising can persist for up to two weeks. Often hickey is created on the partner's neck. Such hickey are usually hidden by those affected under make-up, a scarf or a turtleneck. Aside from the dangers of blood clots and fatal strokes, hickey can also cause swelling. However, these can easily be treated with an ice pack.

Paramedics are unable to save the teenager
The 17-year-old boy suddenly began to cramp while eating with the family and collapsed. Paramedics alerted by the parents tried to save the boy, but to no avail. The suction probably led to a blood clot when the hickey was created. This then migrated into the teenager's brain and triggered a stroke there. The family blames the 24-year-old friend for the death of her son.

Hickey leads to paralysis of the left arm in a 44-year-old woman
It is not the first time that a hickey has had a dangerous impact on human health. For example, back in 2011, a 44-year-old woman in New Zealand had lost the mobility of her left arm after a stroke. The treating physicians discovered a faded hickey. This had caused damage to her main artery in the throat, the experts explain. Ultimately, the paralysis of her arm was due to this hickey. The hickey had formed a blood clot, which then migrated to the woman's heart. The clot had caused a stroke there. (as)

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