New restriction for preparations made from hawthorn leaves with flowers

Preparations from hawthorn leaves with flowers - HMPC monograph limits recommendation
The use of preparations made from hawthorn leaves with flowers is widespread in Germany in phytotherapy. However, their use is now restricted by the new HMPC monograph.

The Commission E monograph envisaged an application for declining cardiac performance according to stage II according to NYHA (New York Heart Association).

Due to new data from clinical studies and the reassessment by the Committee for Herbal Medicines (HMPC) at the European Medicines Agency (EMA), this application no longer corresponds to the current state of knowledge.

The HMPC monograph now only provides for a traditional application in quite general application areas. Read more about this in the current “Bulletin on Drug Safety” of the BfArM and the Paul Ehrlich Institute. (pm)

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